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The Week Ahead 1 February 2018

02 February 2018
Dear Parents As I write, the school community is gearing up for another week of celebrations for the Spring Festival: you will find further details of the plans for next week listed in this edition of the Week Ahead. As one of the most important cultural highlights of the year, the approach of the Spring Festival always generates its own sense of anticipation, and for me at least, the pleasing prospect of some warmer weather. Once the formal holiday begins, families gather to mark the passing of one year and look forward to the adventures of the new. This time spent together is invaluable and helps reconnect family groups from across China, and indeed the world. It is of course my sincere wish that all our families have a peaceful holiday, as well as a prosperous new year, but I am equally aware of the looming demands of the public examination season for many of our young people. We are still picking our way through the results of the recent mock results, and pupils now have a very clear idea of their current rate of progress and, even more importantly, of the areas they need to review carefully in their revision. An extended break from the day-to-day life of school should be a great time to recharge the mental and physical batteries, but as I wrote in my Week Ahead piece just before the recent Christmas holiday break, pupils cannot afford to abandon their studies during this busy period with their families. Parents, grandparents and others need to be aware of the need to give these pupils a chance to have quiet time for revision and learning, and I renew my plea from December for this coming stretch of holiday to include a balance of family time with the demands of academic work. In this way, we can all ensure that those readying themselves for the most important examinations of their lives will be as well prepared as possible for the hard work that lies ahead. Parents anxious to know more about how best to support their child through the busy holiday period should contact his or her tutor via email. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming many of you to school next week for our celebration assemblies and Spring Festival market. It will be another chance for us to celebrate the community spirit we have here in Tianjin. Best wishes Julian Jeffrey Master
MEET THE MASTER Common Room 1400hrs - 1515hrs Thursday 8th February This week, the Meet the Master slot is aimed at parents of pupils in Nest. If you would like to attend, please confirm via email with Ms. Emma Shi (emma.shi@wellingtoncollege.cn) by Wednesday 7th February. Bursar’s Office 1400hrs-1500hrs Wednesday 7th February Meet the Bursar will be on Wednesday 7th February. Please send Ms Lisa Liu (lisa.liu@wellingtoncollege.cn) a message if you are planning to attend and any specific topics you would like to raise by Tuesday 6th February. WELLINGTON AND THE WORLD – INTERNATIONALISM & INTERCULTURALISM Black Box 0900hrs-1000hrs Wednesday 7th February Every Wednesday morning from 0900hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A Levels and university admissions. The venue will vary according to the anticipated audience, and for next week’s meeting, Mr Toby Roundell, will discuss the importance of internationalism and interculturalism at Wellington. Reports Published: Years 11, 12 & 13 Parent Portal 1700hrs Friday 9th February The reports for the exam year groups (Years 11, 12 and 13) will be published on the Parent Portal on Friday, 9th February at 1700hrs. The results of the Mock examinations will be included in the reports. Work Opportunity Database  Something which can help a ‘good’ school work towards being a ‘great’ school is how we work together and support each other as a community. There are many opportunities here at Wellington College in Tianjin for parents to get involved and I would like to outline a proposal which is very close to my heart. We are privileged to have a parent body which is influential in many areas internationally, throughout China and here in Tianjin. Thinking of the parents I have had the pleasure to meet, I know that we have architects, doctors, pilots, artists, people in local government, university lecturers, managers of hotels and a whole host of businessmen and women, many working in multinational companies and others who have built their businesses from the very beginning. Part of my job is working with Sixth Form pupils to put together the very best university applications possible – applications which demand, to get into top universities, much more than ‘simply’ high grades. To distinguish themselves it is vitally important that our pupils are able to show how they have gained experiences outside the school to gain either a greater understanding of the degree they wish to apply for or the experience of working in a non-school environment. This is where, as a community, we can come together to assist all of our pupils. I hope to compile a database of local companies who would be willing to take our Sixth Form pupils for a period of work experience. This could be as little as an afternoon, a weekend or something more substantial and regular. I believe that if all of our parents were to offer some small support then we would be able to build up a network which would give all of our pupils’ opportunities far greater than that which could be achieved individually. Perhaps you are an architect whose daughter dreams of working in the computer industry – what could be better than teaming you up with somebody who is an IT specialist whose son aspires to be an architect? Imagine what we could achieve if everybody in the school community worked together to help provide all of our sons and daughters with the very best opportunities available here in Tianjin or even further afield. And to our parents in the Junior School, here is a great opportunity to ‘pay it forward’, to do something which will not be reciprocated until perhaps 7, 8, 9 or 10 years in the future. The network we start to build now will benefit all of our pupils, some sooner, but many later. If, and I hope you are, interested in working together on this then please contact the school. In English: edward.batey@wellingtoncollege.cn In Chinese: agnes.cui@wellingtoncollege.cn In Korean: hannah.kim@wellingtoncollege.cn We very much look forward to hearing from you. FROM MRS SABIO AND MR BATEY Mrs Sabio, Mr Batey and Mrs Kim are visiting universities in Korea next week. If you have any questions that you would like them to put to the Admissions officers, please email Mrs Kim on hannah.kim@wellingtoncollege.cn Maths Competition Black Box 0930hrs, Thursday 8th February Next Thursday sees the American Maths Competition (AMC) return to Tianjin. With one small change, this year we are extending the competition to also include AMC 10. The AMC 10 and AMC 12 will see around 70 students from Year 9 to Year 13 compete with thousands of pupils around the world in this puzzle solving Maths problems. The competition will take place at 0930hrs in the Black Box on Thursday 8th February. Chinese New Year Week 5th - 9th February Parents are warmly invited to our Chinese New Year assemblies in the Theatre. We have prepared a series of games and performances to celebrate one of the most important and exciting events in the College calendar. Nest Assembly 1000hrs - 1100hrs Thursday 8th February Senior School Assembly with House Singing Competition 1540hrs - 1645hrs Thursday 8th February Junior School Assembly 1310hrs - 1430hrs Friday 9th February After watching the many pupil performances, we will close the week with the Charity Spring Festival Market in the school Dining Hall. All are welcome to attend. The winning Chinese New Year work can be viewed at the Black Box foyer from 1430hrs.   Positive Parenting Class (basic) MB125 0930hrs - 1130hrs every Monday Chinese Language Only Date:  22nd and 29th Jan, 5th and 26th Feb, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th Mar Charges: 30RMB/time or 200RMB/8 times Positive Discipline is a program designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best-selling positive discipline book by Dr Jane Nelsen, it teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults. Parents will learn to avoid power struggles while helping their children to learn self-control and self-discipline. Classes are in a small group setting, allowing deeper discussions and very personalized experience. www.positivediscipline.com Art Class Junior Art Room 0830hrs-1100hrs every Friday  After a long week of taking care of your beloved children it's time to think of yourself as well. A little oasis from everyday noise, ART classes can give you much needed relaxation. An excellent way to cope with your everyday stress routine, and to prepare yourself for the upcoming busy weekend. Painting, sculpture, drawing, acrylics, aquarelle, crayons won't be a mystery to you anymore. All the things you always wanted to try but didn't have time for, now in the most convenient time and place for you - when your kids are at school. Each month we will be focusing on something new that you might like to try. Expressing yourself in an artistic way combined with relaxing, inspiring music and a glass of tea or coffee can help you find your new daily joy. Come and join ART classes every Friday as soon as you leave your little one(s) in school. The Junior Art Room will be open for you from 0830hrs to 1100hrs to learn some new skills, chat with friends, and share your love of art. Looking forward to seeing you in the Junior Art Room. Lower Level EAL Class MB 235 0830hrs-0930hrs every Tuesday  This class is for beginner level learners who would like to improve their grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills. Higher Level EAL Class MB 231 1100hrs-1200hrs every Thursday  This class is for more confident learners who would like to extend their grammar and vocabulary and will have a focus on improving spoken fluency. Pilates Black Box 1100hrs-1200hrs every Tuesday  Dance Studio 0930hrs-1030hrs, every Friday Pilates is physical exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. It is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Pilates focuses on core strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. So, don't hesitate, join our classes and feel better. You are warmly welcomed. WCA Yoga Dance Studio 0900hrs-1000hrs Every Wednesday  Welcome to our newly introduced yoga classes at Wellington College. Yoga philosophy and practice has its origin in India. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the word “yuj”, which means "to yoke", to unite your body and mind. Regular yoga practice helps your body to become strong, flexible, balanced and healthy. The same will happen with your mind. Yoga has become very popular all around the world for its healing benefits. It does not matter if you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner; everyone is welcome.   After an extremely eventful cold and snowy Monday morning, thankfully the week just got better and better. There were 18 parents attending the Open Morning last week. The parents were enthused at the excellent teaching and learning, the quality of written work, the use of ICT to enhance learning, and how we use the assessments to grade children for all subjects. ‘I want to be a student here,’ was one of the many comments, which makes me extremely proud. Mr. Philpott gave a briefing about reading with demonstrations on how to support your child at home with their reading. Asking children questions about the book they have read in their mother tongue will develop a child’s understanding; open-ended questioning about how a character is feeling, what are they doing, how do you know, predict what will happen next are some questions that you can use to support your child’s reading more. Reading daily with your child is one of the most important homework expectations that we would like all parents to do, as teachers, we know the benefits this brings to your child. Last Friday’s Junior School Assembly opened with Reception classes performing an account of their recent trip to Polar World Tianjin. The classes shared their writing and told us all about their adventures to this artic world. This wonderful story was told in words, pictures and actions and brought the audience with them on their trip. This was followed by Zimo from Year 5 who played the piano beautifully. We then had our usual celebration of Stars of the week and Stanley took home the House Cup, although there were two other houses hot on their heels. This week we had 4 winners for the Attendance Cup, 2R, 3E, 4W and 5O. Well done to everyone; it pays to attend every day and pupils are rewarded with a little extra playtime. Monday 05 February 2018 All Day Chinese New Year celebration week (to 9th) (YZ) 0930hrs - 1130hrs WCA: Positive Behaviour (Beginner Level) (MB 125) Tuesday 06 February 2018 0830hrs - 0930hrs WCA English Class: beginners (PF) (MB 235) 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: Pilates (Black Box / Dance Studio) Wednesday 07 February 2018 All Day House Art Competition (MFC) 0900hrs - 1000hrs Parent Briefing: Wellington and the World - Internationalism & Interculturalism (JAFJ / TCR) (Black Box) 0900hrs - 1000hrs WCA: Yoga (Dance Studio) 1200hrs - 1230hrs Assembly: Years 10 & 11 (JA) (Theatre) 1400hrs - 1500hrs Meet the Bursar (LL) (Bursar's Office) Thursday 08 February 2018 0930hrs AMC Maths Competition (EW) (Black Box) 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: English Class - Intermediate/Advanced (PF) (MB 231) 1400hrs - 1515hrs Meet the Master: Nest Parents (ES) (Master's Study) Friday 09 February 2018 All Day House Competition: House Singing (JL) 0830hrs - 1100hrs WCA: Art Class (KM) (Junior Art Room) 0840hrs - 0930hrs Assembly: Chinese New Year (YT) (Theatre) 0930hrs - 1000hrs WCA: Pilates (Black Box / Dance Studio) 1600hrs Chinese New Year Holiday begins (to 25th) (ES) 1700hrs Reports: Years 11, 12 & 13 (AL & IB streams) published (DP)