Fee Schedule 2020-2021


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All fees are quoted in RMB currency

Application Fee: 2,000

The application fee is a ‘one time only’ fee for new pupils, and is non-refundable. The fee is payable upon application to the College.


Termly Payment

TUITION FEE   2020/21
 Total Termly Fee
 Term 1  
 Term 2  
 Term 3  
144,100 57,700 43,200 43,200
EARLY YEARS (Nursery, Reception) 218,800  87,600  65,600 65,600
Year 1 252,600  101,000  75,800 75,800


•    The fees cover day-to-day tuition, the use of text and library books plus basic stationery and general educational materials.
•    The fee also covers sports, physical education and some extra-curricular activities.
•    There may be an extra charge for occasional, specialist and individual activities, such as field trips and educational visits, retake exams and remarking fees.
•    The Tuition Fee does not include the costs of College lunches, uniform, school bus service and the individual music instrument programme.


Payment Terms
The Tuition fees will be paid by term.
•    Term 1 (Michaelmas Term) must be paid no later than Aug 25th , 2020.
•    Term 2 (Lent Term) Fee must be paid no later than Dec 17th, 2020.
•    Term 3 (Summer Term) Fee must be paid no later than Mar 26th, 2021.


For mid-year applications, the Tuition Fee will be calculated on a daily pro-rata basis. Irrespective of whether the parent/ guardian or employer pays the fee, the parent/guardian shall assume full responsibility for the payment of fees in accordance with the Fee Schedule. Any subsequent outstanding fees must be settled before leaving the College. 

Late Payment Of Tuition Fees
The Master reserves the right to suspend pupils whose tuition, if relevant, are not paid by the due date or before the first day of each term.

A 2% penalty per month will be applied to any overdue payments from the due date of each term.

College Lunch
Lunch is provided by an outside catering company. Charges will be processed under a separate payment method between the parent/guardian and the catering company. The cost of lunch is not included in the Tuition Fees.


Website: https://tianjin-sixthform.wellingtoncollege.cn/school-life/school-services/

Catering hotline: (+86) 022 8758 7199 * 6023

Contact email: compass.tianjin@wellingtoncollege.cn


College Uniform
The College uniform is not included in the College tuition fees and is charged separately at the uniform store. Uniforms can be purchased in a package per full set and can also be purchased separately throughout the year.


Payment Methods
Payment can be made to the College bank account via bank transfer using RMB, US$ or cheque in RMB. Cash payments must be made in RMB. For bank transfer, please note the student’s name, year group and fee period in the remark area. If payments are made in US$, conversion to RMB will be based on the exchange rate provided by the College at the time of payment. Bank charges are borne by the payer.

As there is an additional charge on card usage; card payments are not recommended but are available if needed at the College Finance Office.


The College Bank Details

Bank Account Information 使用人民币付款 使用美元付款
Beneficiary 天津市红桥区惠灵顿幼儿园有限责任公司 Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin (Nursery)
Bank Name 上海浦东发展银行天津浦嘉支行  Shanghai Pudong Development Bank 
Tianjin Branch 
Account # 7713 0078 8019 0000 0084 7713 0078 8019 0000 0084
银行地址   Tower D Huan Bo Hai Central Plaza No. 9 Bin Shui Rd., Hexi District Tianjin 
300061 P.R. China 
Swift Code   SPDBCNSH080 
Note Please note student's name and year group  Please note student’s name and year group 


If a parent/guardian desires to withdraw a child for any reason from the College, that parent/guardian shall deliver the completed Withdrawal Application Form to the Master’s Office in advance of the desired withdrawal date. The Withdrawal Application Form can be collected from the Master’s Office. If a written Withdrawal Application Form is delivered to the Master’s Office during a College holiday, it will be deemed received by the College on the first day in session following the holiday. Fee refunds will only be granted after receipt of the Withdrawal Application Form. For a Withdrawal Application Form, Please contact the Master’s Office at: withdrawals.tianjin@wellingtoncollege.cn
Tuition Fee Refund Policy
•  If the actual in school days are less (or equal to) half of the school days in the withdraw month, the college will return half of the tuition fee of the withdraw month which has been paid in advance.
•  If the actual in school days exceeds half of the school days of the withdraw month, the college will not refund that month tuition fee.
•  If no actual attendence in the withdraw month, the college will refund full of that month tuition fee.
Receipt And/Or FAPIAO
Return The College will issue official tax receipts (fapiao) for Tuition fee payments. Please contact the Finance Office to receive your fapiao after the fee has been paid. For any refund on College fees, the original fapiao must be returned back to the College. Failure to do so will result in additional tax charges being levied per government requirements.
Temporary Leave
For temporary pupil leave, the parent/guardian should seek approval from the Master’s Office in advance, through a formal written letter stating the reasons for the leave and a scheduled date of return to resume enrolment. There will be no refund of the Tuition Fees for a pupil on leave. In the event that a pupil does not resume enrolment on the scheduled date nor send notification to the College for an extension, such a student will be considered withdrawn, even if the parent/guardian continues to pay the required tuition or other fees.
School Lunch Fees Refund
Any request for refunds with respect to College Lunch Fees should be made directly to the food service provider responsible for operating the College’s cafeteria. Please note: Any refund or release of College records is dependent upon satisfactory completion of withdrawal procedures, the return of all College property and the clearance of accounts with the College Finance Office.
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