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The Friends of Wellington represents our parents within the Wellington community, meeting regularly and contributing to making life at the College a vibrant, warm and exciting place to be.

Family is a vital element in Chinese culture, and in both our pastoral care and determination to involve parents as much as possible in school life, Wellington seeks to promote the concept of family. Wellington is a community, whose success will be based on our working together to achieve mutual goals for your children and our pupils.

Education at all levels is, in reality, a partnership between teachers, parents and pupils, whereby the learning processes initiated at school are maintained and encouraged at home. A great part of education is about developing the right work values and practices, and this is where parents can play a vital, if not definitive, role. Good habits at home will inevitably be translated into good habits, whether academic, social or disciplinary, at school.

By choosing to send your children to Wellington College Bilingual Tianjin Nursery, you as parents have made a commitment to the College. We believe this is a commitment that involves certain obligations as parents, and partners, to help us in the education of your children. This is the idea behind the Parent’s Charter which we ask you to sign as an acknowledgement of the acceptance of its terms. We will also supply you with all the policies and rules of the College. Throughout the academic year, there are parents’ meetings which we ask you to attend when you can discuss either your child’s progress with his or her teachers or more general matters relating to the College.

At the same time, we have an obligation to keep you fully informed about what is going on at the College, and what your children are doing here, both inside and outside the classroom. The FOW (Friends of Wellington) is a parent group that exists to enhance the experience of being part of the Wellington family for everyone.

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