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Co-Curricular Activities Programme
As at our sister schools across the world, here in Tianjin education goes far beyond the walls of the classroom. Whilst never losing sight of the importance of academic endeavour and achievement, we provide a wide-ranging activities programme that reflects our holistic approach to education. Vital aspects of our mission at the school are to encourage pupils to try new things, to help them stay physically and intellectually healthy, and to guide them in the discovery of lifelong interests and opportunities for self-expression. All these contribute enormously in the growth of truly rounded, balanced individuals, preparing them more fully for the world beyond Wellington. It is in the activities programme that many pupils find their passion and learn to develop new skills, be they intellectual, cultural or athletic. 




Exposure to the creative arts, and the chance to develop and strengthen creativity, are real advantages of a Wellington education, with our Art and Design & Technology Departments at the very heart of the main building.


Art at Wellington is a creative and practical subject which demands visual intelligence, independent thinking and technical ability. Pupils are introduced to a wide range of media and techniques which include painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, digital media and textiles.


Our key aim in the Art department at Wellington is to teach everyone about visual creative expression, and in today’s digital world, studying Art has become an ideal stepping stone for careers in Architecture, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Fashion Design, Advertising, Film, Media, Game Design and Animation and many, many more.

Music at Wellington is excellent. Whether the interest is classical, rock, jazz or pop, Wellington provides an enormously diverse and impressive musical programme. There are concerts and recitals throughout the academic year, and regular chances for pupils to perform in assemblies. We consistently seek to provide a wide variety of ways for pupils to develop their skills, refine their cultural sensitivity and to develop an artistic sensibility that will enrich them throughout their lives.
Performing Arts
The Seldon Theatre is the home of Drama at Wellington. With regular performances over the year, pupils are afforded opportunities to show their versatility and range by performing in a variety of productions, as well as House events, drama competitions, talent shows and pupil-led productions.

Sport is an integral part of each pupil’s development, well-being and education, and it provides a platform to celebrate all that is unique about being a Wellingtonian. By fostering an ‘active life’ philosophy and promoting a lifetime involvement in sport and physical activity, we generate a sporting ethos that develops the whole person. In that sense, sport at Wellington is truly a transformative experience.


Wellington sport is emphatically for all. We seek to inspire both the elite athlete and the novice with a sense of the joy of physical endeavour, with self-respect and with pride in Wellington. We want all our pupils to enjoy their sport, to seek excellence in their field and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our talented and dedicated coaching teams strive to create the best possible environment for pupils to learn with a judicious mixture of challenge, competitiveness and open communication.


In common with Wellington College in the UK, we aim to establish a ‘premier league’ reputation for sport, as one would expect of a school with our facilities. There are many opportunities for our pupils, at all age groups, to represent Wellington in teams across a wide range of competitive sports, as well as participating in several different recreational activities.

Exchanges and School Trips
Wellington is an outward-looking and ambitious school and offers a range of trips that reflect this. All pupils have the opportunity to join at least two residential trips each year as our young people engage with Wellington and the world. Exciting, educational trips are also an important part of our provision. These can be to far-flung parts of the world (Europe and the USA, for example, have been recent destinations), or closer to home, with recent regional visits to Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea and, of course, within China itself. The majority of such trips involve academic and service-learning projects, such as the World Scholar’s Cup, MUN or the Global Social Leaders’ programme, but we also send sports’ teams across the region, and we run a hugely successful annual sailing trip to Beidaihe.
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