Week Ahead

The Week Ahead 16 November 2017

17 November 2017
Dear Parents, One of the pleasures of working within the Wellington group of schools is that we have considerable contact among the teaching and administrative staff with our peers across the globe. We have a visit next week from a senior colleague from the UK, Mr Iain Henderson. Mr Henderson is our formal link to the UK, in his capacity as Deputy Head in charge of Educational Partnerships, as it is rather dryly termed. This means he maintains links to all the Wellington schools, and thus is uniquely positioned to help us to coordinate our shared plans and values. He will be offering our staff training in coaching. This is not to be mistaken for sports’ coaching, although the skills of a good coach in athletics or football are also those of the skilled educational coach. At its most fundamental, coaching is the art of asking the right questions of the person being ‘coached’; by drawing out their own, internalised insights, this method establishes an inherent determination to enact the changes needed, rather than adopt the advice of others. It is this encouragement of reflective practice and asking questions, rather than imposing answers, which makes coaching such a potentially powerful tool in learning, and I am delighted that we have so many colleagues undergoing the various stages of the training. The College has an on-going commitment to offering its staff, from both the academic and non-academic teams, the finest opportunities in professional development. In this way, we can foster and grow our own talented staff, encouraging longer terms of employment and thereby ensuring that your children have greater continuity in their schooling. We celebrate the achievements of our colleagues in their training, none more so than the wonderful recent news that Jordan Zhao, part of our team in Year 1, was declared the International HLTA of the Year by the training institution we use in the UK. The HLTA is a prestigious qualification, and several of our staff team have completed the training over the past 12 months. Not only are we very proud of this accolade for Jordan, but all our HLTA candidates have shown the determination and professionalism to help grow their skills and improve the learning experience for your children. It underlines our commitment to being the best, and to continue to improve all that we do as an institution here in Tianjin. Best wishes Julian Jeffrey Master MEET THE MASTER Master’s Office 1400hrs-1515hrs Thursday 23rd November This week, the Meet the Master slot is aimed at parents of pupils in Nest. If you would like to attend, please confirm via email with Ms. Polly Zhang (polly.zhang@wellingtoncollege.cn) by Wednesday 22nd November. COACHING IN EDUCATION Black Box 0900hrs-1000hrs Wednesday 22nd November Every Wednesday morning from 0900hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A Levels and university admissions. The venue will vary according to the anticipated audience, and for next week’s meeting, Mr Paul Findlay, the Head of EAL, will give a lecture on Coaching in Education.  Coaching is a very powerful developmental tool which has been successfully used in business and leadership training in recent years. It unlocks a person's natural ability and works by identifying goals and defining the steps as they come into focus through discussion and expert questioning, ensuing that goals are far more likely to be achieved. As success enhances wellbeing, this leads to a growth mindset that drives more creative solutions in all aspects of life. Because it makes personal growth as the central focus of one's development, coaching is becoming a key training tool in the best education systems in the world by enhancing the performance in areas specifically chosen by the individual. If you are interested in learning more about how coaching can help you and your children achieve more and become more inspired, empowered and engaged individuals then please do come along. Senior School Assessment Week Assessment Week for the pupils in the Senior School in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and Year 11 A Level Induction group will start on Monday, 20th November. The revision guide and the timetable have been sent by email to all the pupils. There are no ASA that week. Free online courses from UCAS to help students, parents, and teachers make big decisions UCAS has launched a series of innovative online courses to help today’s students, and the people who advise them, navigate the tricky business of deciding what to do when they leave secondary education. With the International demand shifting away from the US, programmes in Europe and Canada are about twice as likely to report growth in international applicants compared with the US. Young people have a greater range of options than ever before when considering their next steps after school or college, and most rely on busy teachers or parents for advice and guidance. To help teaching staff, advisers and parents explore university, college, work, apprenticeships, and other choices, and to advise our pupils about contemporary choices, UCAS is running a pair of free online courses: one for teachers, advisers and parents, followed by an accompanying course for our pupils. The courses are delivered through FutureLearn, and are available at www.futurelearn.com/courses/smart-advice/2. The first, Smart Advice: Broadening Your Students’ Horizons gives teachers, advisers and parents strategies and practical advice for supporting our pupils’ research and decision-making, as they approach their transition from full-time secondary education. Insight into the changing career landscape is provided, alongside information about higher education, apprenticeships, taking a gap year, and going into work. The course includes videos, and articles, and gives an opportunity to discuss questions and queries online with specialists – including experienced careers advisers, and university and college admissions staff. The second, Smart Choices: Broadening Your Horizons, is designed to help our pupils understand the options available to them after school, how to research these, and how to make the right choices. These free online courses, or massive open online courses (MOOCs), are a new venture for UCAS. Registration for these courses is now open at: www.futurelearn.com/courses/smart-advice/2. Art Class Junior Art Room 0830hrs-1100hrs every Friday  Approaching Christmas, beside inner decor, we will be preparing some outside decor as well. Everybody loves Christmas tree decoration, even Santa Claus. That's how we draw his attention to give us some presents with being good all year long (he trusts us when we say, 'I swear I was'). So, let's do it on time! Friday 17th November, we will be making salty dough decorations in decoupage technique. Pick up the knowledge, because your kids will love this when you do it at home with them. Their sparkling eyes are the most valuable gift we could receive. Furthermore, WCA Art classes will be making Christmas decorations and selling them on Christmas Charity market on December 1st. All money raised will be donated to the charity. I looking forward to seeing you all in a good mood in Junior Art Room! Lower Level EAL Class MB 235 0830hrs-0930hrs every Tuesday  This class is for beginner level learners who would like to improve their grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills. Higher Level EAL Class MB 231 1100hrs-1200hrs every Thursday  This class is for more confident learners who would like to extend their grammar and vocabulary and will have a focus on improving spoken fluency. Pilates Black Box 1100hrs-1200hrs every Tuesday  0930hrs-1030hrs Dance Studio every Friday Pilates is physical exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. It is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Pilates focuses on core strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. So, don't hesitate, join our classes and feel better. You are warmly welcomed. Monday 20 November 2017 All Day Senior School Assessment Week (to 24th) (DP) All Day Junior School Assessment Week (to 24th) All Day Universal Children's Day (JL) Tuesday 21 November 2017 0830hrs - 0930hrs WCA English Class: beginners (PF) (MB 235) 0900hrs - 1030hrs WCA: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (WCA Room) 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: Pilates (Black Box) Wednesday 22 November 2017 0900hrs - 1000hrs Parent Briefing: Coaching in Education (JL) (Black Box) Thursday 23 November 2017 All Day House Basketball (Years 1-3 & 4-6) (JM) (Sports Centre) 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: English Class - Intermediate/Advanced (PF) (MB 231) 1400hrs - 1515hrs Meet the Master: Nest Parents (ES) (Master's Study) Friday 24 November 2017 0830hrs - 1100hrs WCA: Art Class (KM) (Junior Art Room) 0930hrs - 1030hrs WCA: Pilates (Dance Studio) 1255hrs - 1320hrs Lunchtime Recital (FG) (Black Box) Saturday 25 November 2017 0900hrs - 1230hrs Saturday Activity Programme (SAP) (EvK)