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The Week Ahead 12 January 2018

12 January 2018
Dear Parents “The only time that kids fully understand the world they inhabit is when they read” Katherine Rundell, award-winning children’s author Reading is not quite the universal, fundamental exercise it is often assumed to be. It is not an evolutionary development but rather a cultural one; the oral tradition, of storytelling for example, is far older in terms of human history and some people, even in the 21st Century, live in communities with no written language. It is therefore not as straightforward as it may seem for young people to grow into confident and willing readers, despite the unquestionable importance of reading in enhancing an individual’s life. An OECD report in 2002, the dryly named ‘Reading for change: Performance and engagement across countries. Results from Pisa 2000’, claimed that reading for pleasure was the single most important indicator of the future success of a child. Reading is key to the development of an invaluable vocabulary, opening up a child’s eyes to the world around them, as Katherine Rundell argues, and gives young people access to the highest reaches of education and employment opportunities. Reading has also been seen as integral to an individual’s wellbeing and inner confidence, but it seems that across the globe, numbers of children actively engaged in reading for pleasure is in decline. A UK Department of Education report in 2012 found that some 23% of children read ‘rarely or not at all’ outside class, and 7% claimed never to do so. The College has given a renewed emphasis to reading this year, allocating extra time and resources in the Nest and Junior School to library books and guided reading projects. Children go home armed with books and structured reading plans appropriate to their age and interest each week. The College Library has equally seen an influx of new books for older pupils, as well as a new resource area for teachers to draw on for their professional development. Phonics continues to be a central part of the teaching and learning for our younger pupils. Reading for pupils further up the school is just as important in supplying specialist vocabulary for academic subjects as well as providing the level of nuance and sophistication so vital to success in the university application process. Much of what we encourage our children to read is in English, of course, given the language of instruction of the College, but reading for pleasure can be in any language; the goal is to foster the transferable skills and love of reading. I would add as a final point that reading does not have to be a solitary pleasure. Younger children in particular enjoy the shared experience of reading and listening to stories with their parents; time spent by families in this way is so rewarding for all participants. If you would like to know any more about our reading programmes, or the choice of reading available to children of any age in our libraries, please do not hesitate to contact members of the team here. Ms Jola Pulchna (jola.pulchna.wellingtoncollege.cn) is our College Librarian; Mr Philpott (edward.philpott@wellingtoncollege.cn) is the Literacy coordinator in the Junior School and Mrs Zantua (Dionne.zantua@wellingtoncollege.cn) can offer support and advice on reading for parents in the Nest. A lending library service for parents is also available; please ask for details from my colleagues. Best wishes – and happy reading! Julian Jeffrey Master   MEET THE MASTER Common Room 1400hrs-1515hrs Thursday 18th January This week, the Meet the Master slot is aimed at parents of pupils in Years 2 to 6. If you would like to attend, please confirm via email with Ms. Emma Shi (emma.shi@wellingtoncollege.cn) by Wednesday 17th January. Mrs Thomas will be leading the meeting. CHILD PROTECTION Black Box 0900hrs-1000hrs Wednesday 17th January Every Wednesday morning from 0900hrs, parents will have the chance to engage with the school in sessions that cover all aspects of your child’s education, from the Early Years to A Levels and university admissions. The venue will vary according to the anticipated audience, and for next week’s meeting, Mr Jonathan Lewis, the Deputy Head (Pastoral) will introduce what parents need to know about the signs and symptoms of child abuse. I would like to invite you to the Parent Briefing on Wednesday: Child Protection - What parents need to know about the signs and symptoms of child abuse. The presentation will start at 0900hrs in the Black Box on Wednesday, January 17th. The briefing aims to give you an understanding of the nature and signs exhibited by children at risk from abuse of any kind. Mr Lewis will also be explaining how parents and the school can help if they suspect a child is a victim of abuse.       Parents' Evening: Year 9 (IGCSE Options) Black Box 1700hrs Tuesday 16th January The Parents’ Evening for pupils in Year 9 and their parents will be held on Tuesday 16th January. The presentation will be in the Black Box and it will start at 1700hrs. After a 30-minute presentation, pupils and their parents are invited to attend the short introductory sessions organized by the academic departments; each of the subjects will be introduced. The schedule of the evening and the booklet with the brief introduction of all the subjects in three languages (English, Chinese and Korean) will be available on the day. Making choices is not an easy task because the decisions will frame a pupil’s learning in the next two years. Teachers, Key Stage coordinators, Housemasters are playing very important role in the decision-making process. Consultation with them and seeking their opinion will help your child decide on the most suitable combination of subjects for themselves: choosing the right subjects has never been more important.   ASA/LTA in the Senior School The ASA and LTA programme in the Senior School will begin on Monday 15th January.  I look forward to witnessing another productive term of extra-curricular activities, and in particular this year’s musical production. Students will find out on Friday 12th which ASA they have been allocated, so please check with them over the weekend to see what they will be doing for the rest of the term. ASA in the Junior School The ASA programme in the Junior School will begin on Monday 22nd January. The selection process will occur on Tuesday 16th as all students in the Junior School will be given a selection form on that day.  As in the past, there will be a QR code to scan, or alternatively you can fill out the form and hand it in to your child’s classroom teacher.  In addition to the list of activities this term, you can also find a short description of each activity on the form so that you know what you are signing your child up for.  I look forward to another exciting term of extra-curricular activities in the Junior School. Wellington Community League  The Junior School PE department is pleased to announce the beginning of a new series of fixtures for our Junior School pupils, the Wellington Community League (WCL). This focus here is not on competition, but rather raising levels of participation in sport. The WCL can be enjoyed by all levels of players. We hope that it will be an enjoyable and significant addition to our sports’ fixture calendar over the course of this term and beyond. University Visit: The University of Keele Sixth Form Centre 1230hrs Thursday 18th January There will be a visit from the University of Keele on Thursday 18th January at 1230hrs. Keele University is a campus university located in the UK county of North Staffordshire and ranked number one in England for its course satisfaction. It will be an informal visit located in the Sixth Form Centre for pupils and parents to come and ask questions and chat with the admissions tutors. Parents of children in all year groups are welcome. Parents' Information Evening for Sailing Trip (26th – 30th May 2018) Black Box 1800hrs Thursday 18th January There will be a Parents’ Information Evening for the annual sailing trip on Thursday, 18th January with representatives from Beijing Sailing Club. Pupils are also welcome to attend.         Positive Parenting Class (basic) Chinese Language Only MB125 9:30-11:30 every Monday Date:  22nd and 29th Jan, 5th and 26th Feb, 5th , 12th , 19th and 26th Mar Charges: 30RMB/time or 200RMB/8 times Positive Discipline is a programme designed to teach young people to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best-selling positive discipline book by Dr. Jane Nelsen, it teaches important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults. Parents will learn to avoid power struggles while helping their children to learn self-control and self-discipline. Classes are in a small group setting, allowing deeper discussions and very personalized experience. www.positivediscipline.com   Art Class Junior Art Room 0830hrs-1100hrs  every Friday  After a long week of taking care of your beloved children it's time to think of yourself as well. A little oasis from everyday noise, ART classes can give you much needed relaxation. An excellent way to cope with your everyday stress routine, and to prepare yourself for the upcoming busy weekend. Painting, sculpture, drawing, acrylics, aquarelle, crayons won't be a mystery to you anymore. All the things you always wanted to try but didn't have time for, now in the most convenient time and place for you - when your kids are at school. Each month we will be focusing on something new that you might like to try. Expressing yourself in an artistic way combined with relaxing, inspiring music and a glass of tea or coffee can help you find your new daily joy. Come and join ART classes every Friday as soon as you leave your little one(s) in school. The Junior Art Room will be open for you from 0830hrs to 1100hrs to learn some new skills, chat with friends, and share your love of art. Looking forward to seeing you in the Junior Art Room. Lower Level EAL Class MB 235 0830hrs-0930hrs every Tuesday This class is for beginner level learners who would like to improve their grammar, vocabulary and all-round language skills. Higher Level EAL Class MB 231 1100hrs-1200hrs every Thursday  This class is for more confident learners who would like to extend their grammar and vocabulary and will have a focus on improving spoken fluency. Pilates Black Box 1100hrs-1200hrs every Tuesday  Dance Studio 0930hrs-1030hrs every Friday Pilates is physical exercise system developed by Joseph Pilates. It is complete coordination of body, mind and spirit. Pilates focuses on core strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joints. So, don't hesitate, join our classes and feel better. You are warmly welcomed. Welcome back and a Happy New  Year to all our existing children and a special warm Wellington welcome to our new children and new staff in Year 1. What an end to 2017 the Junior School had with the phenomenal ASA celebration. The talent in our school is outstanding. Who would have thought that our children can perform the way they did for 45 minutes from 10 weeks? All parents must have been bursting with pride, as was I. The start of new term brings us the Parents’ Evening on the 16th and 18th January, and you will have received your appointment by now. The Parents’ Evening is an opportunity for you to speak to your child's teachers about the term report and their targets. All reports were live on the Parent Portal on 15th December; please bring this copy along with you if you wish to discuss a report. For the parents of pupils in Years 1 to 6, you will have also received your child's mid-term plan by the end of the week, which gives you a brief overview of what will be taught and the new homework project over this half term. The homework projects were outstanding last term and showed off he many talents that we have in our school. However, a polite reminder, we like you to support your child in their projects, but it has to be your child's work. The homework projects are to support and consolidate what your child is learning in their Inquiry lessons linking in Literacy and Maths, please ask them what new and exciting learning they have each day. A weekly class newsletter is sent out to remind of any upcoming dates, new vocabulary, what children need to bring to school, weekly menu, the Age Related Expectations and any other information that the teachers need to let you know - please try to read it weekly. Parents are welcome to join our Celebration Assembly on Fridays at 0840hrs, if you could kindly sit in the first two rows, then we can place the children behind you. Let's hope that the Lent term brings as much excitement, excellent learning, and enthusiasm as Michaelmas term did. Monday 15 January 2018 0830hrs - 1230hrs Milepost 1: Educational Visit (KG) Tuesday 16 January 2018 0830hrs - 0930hrs WCA English Class: beginners (PF) (MB 235) 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: Pilates (Black Box / Dance Studio) 1545hrs - 1830hrs Junior School Parents' Evening: All Year groups (YT) 1700hrs - 1830hrs Parents' Evening: Year 9 (IGCSE Options) (DP) Wednesday 17 January 2018 0900hrs - 1000hrs Parent Briefing: Child Protection (JL) (Black Box) 1500hrs - 1830hrs HS Basketball vs TIS (h) (SC) Thursday 18 January 2018 1100hrs - 1200hrs WCA: English Class - Intermediate/Advanced (PF) (MB 231) 1400hrs - 1515hrs Meet the Master: Years 2-6 Parents (ES) (Common Room) 1500PM - 1830PM MS Basketball vs IST (a) (SC) 1545hrs - 1830hrs Junior School Parents' Evening: All Year groups (YT) 1800hrs Parents’ Information Evening for Sailing Trip (TR) (BB) Friday 19 January 2018 0830hrs - 1100hrs WCA: Art Class (KM) (Junior Art Room) 0930hrs - 1030hrs WCA: Pilates (Black Box / Dance Studio) 1500hrs - 1830hrs HS Basketball vs IST (a) (SC) Saturday 20 January 2018 0800hrs - 1430hrs ISCOT MS Table Tennis (@ TIS) (SC) 0800hrs - 1430hrs ISCOT Chess: Years 4-6 (@TIS) (SC)