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Welcome Back! A new journey starts…

04 September 2020

It has been a delight to see so many smiling faces at the start of a new school year in the Nest. At this young age, the joy and wonder of learning translates to children running into their classrooms and greeting their teachers and friends with unaffected exuberance. With such energy, the days in the Nest simply fly by!

The new year offers a new chapter in the learning journey of these young Wellingtonians. Their classrooms and learning environment - both indoor and outdoor – have been further improved with designs aimed at maximising the key parts of an early years’ education. In this way, the spaces provided for the children help them with their independence, decision making, socialisation and communication, as well as fostering a deeper understanding of mathematics, language and the world around them. Pupils in the Nest have the environment, support and resources to grow into the inquisitive and independent learners we seek to develop across the school.

Parents too will find significant changes in the Nest. We are delighted to welcome Mrs Jan Bennett as our new head of early years. Mrs Bennett has a long track record of leading and improving schools in the UK, working in some of the most high-achieving schools in London and beyond. Mrs Bennett’s focus will be on making the provision for each child even better over the year. She is keen to meet with parents, both to hear their thoughts on the Nest but also to offer insights into her educational philosophy and to outline her vision for the Nest for the coming years. In working closely with Mrs Lisa Li and other team leaders in the Nest, she seeks nothing less than to revolutionise the provision of early years education within the school. Mrs Bennett arrives later this month from the UK, but once she is on board, she will be conducting a series of parent meetings, alongside Mr Jeffrey, the Master and key members of the leadership team, as the school-home partnership once more takes centre stage in the Nest.