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Our Youngest Wellingtonians, Return Back to the Nest!

04 June 2020

After many weeks of planning, preparation and comprehensive inspections, the Nest team finally welcomed our youngest pupils back to the Nest. The teachers could not hide their excitement, waiting at the school gate for their arrival.


As they returned, the Nest was filled with the sound of the children’s cheerful voices. After this long break, the children’s love for the school had not diminished.


Children lined up with their parents to show their health codes to exchange for the "I’m Fine" Cards.


We felt happiness in our hearts, seeing the children confidently walking through the morning inspection without help, smiling and waving goodbye to their parents. We could see just how much they had grown in a few short months and could feel how much they were looking forward to returning to their class.


Though happy to meet again, safety is very important.


To cultivate good hygiene habits, children under the guidance of the teachers ensured children washed their hands using the 7 steps.


The first lesson, of course, is to learn to protect themselves from small bacteria.


Activities were organised in an orderly manner to keep a safe distance from each other.



Teachers take the pupil’s temperature three times per day in the morning, at noon and in the afternoon.



Under the guidance of the teachers, each class leaves the Nest in order ensuring social distancing measures.


The classrooms are disinfected after the children’s departure.


After a long time of separation we are all back together again, the Wellington College Bilingual Nursery family. Welcome home!