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Launch of Academy Programme

02 September 2020



From the Wellington Academy Programme

Dear Pupils and Parents,

The summer vacation has finally come to an end, with both teachers and children looking forward to the first opening day of school.

For this upcoming term we will continue with our main courses, we have also added some new courses such as Judo, Traditional Chinese Literature for kids and Kinder painting. Before the pupils enter the campus, temperature taking and a check is required, building the first line of defence for a safe return to the school.



Kinder painting


I am proud to offer you the registration form and schedule for our upcoming Michaelmas Term 2020 Academy Programme. 


Scan the QR for more information


Together with the help of many highly skilled Wellington College teachers and professional service providers from Tianjin, we have created a comprehensive and dynamic programme of activities. The Academy Programme provides a range of language, cultural, sporting and artistic activities for all our pupils, their parents and the greater Tianjin community.




The almost 60 activities are taught by international and national champions, industry professionals and Wellington staff. Designed with the individual and family in mind, we offer a genuine community experience, and participants will have the chance to try everything from English/French language training to Science Experiments and baseball. You can become an expert in Calligraphy, or learn to hit a tennis ball like Roger Federer, or dance around with ballet courses.

Academy Programme Manager,

Eelco van Kuilenburg

For any inquiries and / or to sign up, please contact Eelco.


Tel: 186 2291 2362 (also WeChat)