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Fighting Poverty through Charity

11 November 2020

Gao Xia, a teacher from Hongqiao District, Tianjin who is now supporting in Gansu Luqu County minority primary school, in Gansu Province was watching her students using brand-new art supplies, painting about the happy life of the Luqu people. She also observed the pleasant smiles of the children which brought a smile to her face. The learning tools and painting supplies were donated by Wellington College in Tianjin and in turn, Gao Xia wanted to thank this group of wonderful friends for their help.

"Students, let's use these beautiful watercolours and paintbrushes to paint our vast blue sky, blue grass and herds of yaks in Luqu, shall we?"

"Yes!" ......

Wellington College Tianjin, also located in Hongqiao District, Tianjin, has been operating for 10 years. During this time the college has been passionate about charity. This year, when Gao Xia returned to Tianjin while visiting to report on her work to the Hongqiao District, she met the Master of Wellington College and in conversation mentioned her recent visit to Gansu and about the lack of art learning supplies at the Gansu Luqu County minority primary school. Gao Xia thought no more of it, but the listener paid attention. Wellington College Tianjin immediately linked the needs of the children from Luqu County to its own charity events and held several “Wellington Walks” to raise donations for the school.

100km from Wuqing to Beijing

Charity Walk

The Master of Wellington College Tianjin, Mr Julian Jeffrey said, “ in the first event we had pupils and teachers walk 10 kilometres along the Haihe River to raise money for the charity fund. Through these charitable efforts, we guide our pupils to develop the concept of philanthropy when they are young; we teach them that only through hard work can they gain something.”

From the first “Wellington Walk” event, the school raised 20,000 RMB for the charity fund. The school used 10,000 RMB to purchase art supplies to donate to the Gansu Luqu County minority primary school, and the other 10,000 RMB to buy electronic equipment to donate to the Peizhi School in Hongqiao District.

Gao Xia and her students were so excited to receive the art supplies donated by her foreign friends. With these tools, the students made beautiful flowers on Teacher’s Day and gave them to their teachers as gifts. They also painted the beautiful scenery of Luqu, then took photos of the paintings and sent them to Wellington College Tianjin to show their gratitude.

“I really didn't expect that we would receive such help with our poverty alleviation work." Gao Xia said, "Love does not distinguish national boundaries, charity is irrespective of colour. I believe that with the support and efforts of all parts of society, we will win the battle against poverty!"

Seeing the photos from Luqu, the pupils and teachers at Wellington College Tianjin were excited, too. The friendship with children in China made everyone feel deeply about the meaning of love through charity. After this, Mr Jeffrey and his colleagues held another charity event, in which they walked from Tianjin to Beijing and raised more than 40,000 RMB to support children and charitable organisations in need.

Mr Jeffrey said, “I have lived in China for seven years and have fallen deeply in love with the people and culture. During these years, I have seen the great changes around me, and I have been shocked by the speed of China's development. There may still be some areas that are not so relatively developed, but I hope that together with our teachers and pupils at the school, we can do something to contribute to the development of Hongqiao District, Tianjin and China.”

“Sleep over”Charity Night

During the winter, temperatures in Luqu county drop well below freezing and thick clothes are essential in keeping the children warm. Now, the children of the Gansu Luqu County minority primary school 甘南自治州碌曲县藏族小学have an urgent need for winter clothing. If you have any new clothes, or items that your children have outgrown, such as (winter) jackets, warm blazers, hoodies and/or sweaters, please pass them to us, so that we can donate them to the school. Clothing that is clean and in good condition, between sizes 110cm and 170cm (body length) for boys and girls, will be accepted.

Your contribution will help the children in the school and in the village nearby. By supporting this project, you can really help. Through these modest means, we can make a big difference for these children’s livelihood. To donate clothing, please contact Eelco van Kuilenburg in the ASA/Academy department; 022-8758 7199 ext. 6048 and 186 2291 2362. The deadline for donations is 30th November,2020.