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EdFest 2021 – Interpreting the Future of Education

09 December 2020



After a yearlong hiatus, Wellington College China's Festival of Education will return once again in 2021 stronger than ever. Aimed at being one of China's leading events of its kind, the Festival of Education will feature speaking engagements with thought leaders in education. A series of panel discussions will explore the latest ideas in progressive education. There will also be workshops in which forward-thinking practitioners share the latest methodologies and best practices.

"The Festival of Education represents Wellington College China's continued commitment to exploring new horizons and encouraging debate about what education is and (in keeping with this year's theme) where it is headed. Now more than ever it is important to be tackling these tough questions, so we are excited to be resuming this annual event once again."

– Paul Rogers, Festival Director


Events from the past years

Scheduled for late April, the 2021 Festival of Education features virtual events online as well as live events at Wellington College's Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou campuses.


Virtual Festival of Education

Sunday to Friday 18 – 23 April 

(Our virtual events are 

open to all)


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the virtual Festival of Education


Live Festival of Education 

Saturday 17 April – Tianjin 

Saturday 24 April – Shanghai

Sunday 25 April – Hangzhou

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Festival of Education 2021 

– Interpreting the Future of Education

The Festival of Education is a forum for educators in China who seek professional development as well as parents or indeed anyone with a general interest in education. This year's programme of workshops and presentations will explore five key strands:

Future Schools


Will schools still occupy physical buildings in the future? If so, what will they look like? How can we design optimal learning environments? We will be asking these questions and more as we take a closer look at the role design and architecture play in the schools of the future. 

Early Years


Early Years is a crucial stage in any child's cognitive and physical development. They set the stage for a child's whole educational journey. Geared toward educators and parents, these dedicated sessions will be an opportunity to share ideas and learn about the latest developments in Early Years education.



These sessions will explore why a bilingual education is so important. What value does it bring to our pupils, and how does it contribute to making fully engaged, globally minded citizens? How do we provide the best bilingual education possible and what is good bilingual education?



An in-depth look at what we mean by wellbeing and why it is essential to holistic education. We will discuss how we can achieve it for ourselves, our pupils and their parents.

Mental Health


What can we do to promote positive mental health in ourselves and in our pupils? How do we know we have it, and what steps can we take to maintain it? These will be the key subjects of discussion in this series of workshops.  

Events from the past years


Sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities


The Festival of Education presents the opportunity to engage with an influential and progressive education audience in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

We have many sponsorship options for this event. Each one offers a platform to network and promote your organisation to educators and the wider community.


Contact to receive our partnership proposal.