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Wellington Community-Celebrating Pink Day

22 October 2018
Once again, the Wellington College community celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness month on October 12th. Pupils wore pink clothing and donated money for each item of 'pinkness'. We are proud to be able to say that this day has become a part of our school tradition, and to see everyone in our community come together to help us raise awareness for breast cancer. Yet again our mums came out in force to donate their time, skills and efforts to bake tasty pink cakes. Some of them sold different items (key chains, goody bags) - all passionately pink! Additionally, the money from Tuesday Pilates lesson will be donated to our Pink Day event. Two of our wonderful Year 10 pupils, Nicole and Klara, also organized a bake sale during break time. We would also like to thank our catering company Chartwells for preparing Pink Yogurt Cups as their Friday special. Our community here at Wellington College raised 9026RMB for the TICC's charity campaign, something we should all be very proud of. Thank you all for your enormous support and remember to stay breast cancer aware!