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Upcoming Events | Christmas at Wellington

18 November 2019
1 Nest Christmas Show Friday, 29th November 1000hrs Seldon Theatre 2 Christmas Bazaar Friday, 13th December 1500hrs-1700hrs Senior Dining Hall Bazaar 13th December We welcome you all to join us for our annual Charity Christmas Bazaar. Gifts, activities, food and drink will all be available, including a very special guest who will check to see if the children have been naughty or nice this year.   3 Christmas Concert Tuesday, 17th December 1800hrs Seldon Theatre Concert 17th December We invite all the pupils, parents, and friends of the Wellington community to join the annual Christmas Concert.   4 Christmas Choirs  Thursday, 28th November 1840hrs-1900hrs Four Seasons Hotel Tianjin   Friday, 29th November 1900hrs St. Regis Tianjin