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The Circus is Coming!

28 June 2019
The topic for Year 1 for this semester was: the circus is coming! Through this wonderful project our pupils learned what a circus is, what types of performers are in a circus and what do the performers’ costumes look like. The best way for children to learn is through experience. By understanding the special skills of each performer, such as the variety of magicians, the physical flexibility of acrobats, the makeup of clowns and the beautiful dance moves of the performers, children can see and feel the excitement of a circus as if they were there themselves. The latest topic was to learn about balance, using push and pull through the experience of circus acrobats.
The children went to a trampoline venue and each teacher had a series of moves for them: they certainly had fun learning new skills.
Physical strength, balance: the children learn how to balance.
Rock climbing with ropes, the children pull their bodies up using the strength of their arms. In this activity, what surprised me the most about our children was their courage. Courage and the willingness to attempt new challenges. At the same time, the recognition of their own abilities, and the happy smiles after the completion of each attempt. Their smiles told us that they had a really enjoyable time. Social and emotional development: we changed teams and regrouped the two classes before the activity. The children immediately adapted to the new groups and established new friendships. At the end of the day, some of the children said, "Miss Sam, this is the best day ever. This is the happiest day I have ever spent". In fact, as a nursery teacher, the most important aspect is to see children use these new skills in the world around us. We hope to create real-life experiences for our pupils in every activity we do, so that they can have fun and develop the skills needed for their future beyond the school.