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Roald Dahl Day in Wellington College International Tianjin

28 September 2017
On 13th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday. In memory of this popular author, pupils in the Junior School dressed up as their favourite Roald Dahl character. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss the many secrets of Dahl’s writing, his inventive, playful use of language, sense of humor and incredible imagination – which are certainly the way to win the hearts of readers. Roald Dahl was a great believer in the power of reading. He believed that one of the most important things, which we give our children, is to introduce them to books they love at a very early age. And If we can raise children with an intrinsic love of reading, it leads to an indelible desire to learn. But what is the key to success? Roald Dahl had an unusual ability to unlock children's imaginations and curiosity with his stories. Dahl's books are for children of all ages. These stories take readers into a world of feelings and ideas. They can learn how to face danger, how to have hope, what despair, fear, love, anger, jeopardy and happiness feel like, and much more. They can discover that with determination we can make great things happen. Out of this comes wisdom. Dahl’s works are full of examples of this kind of wisdom and full of insights that tell us something about ourselves. Roald Dahl was never afraid to show that our world is not perfect, not always fair, but we can always find values and beauty worth fighting for.