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Early Years Parent Workshop

02 May 2017

Learning Through Play: Understanding the impact of play in the Early Years

On April 26th, a parents briefing and workshop took place in the Black Box. The topic focused on, play based learning in Early Years and how it impacts on children's educational development. Parents learnt the different types of play that are offered in Early Years and how they can support their child at home. Parents were asked to consider what learning takes place during play. For example, children learning through their play can use: Cognitive skills in role play and dressing up. Fine and gross motor skills in physical play, outdoor games, climbing, riding a scooter or building with lego bricks and blocks. New vocabulary by talking to each other, practicing new vocabulary taught, playing with language during role play or carpet times. Social interactions by playing games with friends, sharing a book together, playing with cars and small world toys or just having a good chat. Literacy skills by being encouraged to mark make, reading books, creating a shopping list, and copying adults. Mrs. Campbell offered thoughts on how important outdoor physical play is and how this supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement and promoting a sense of wellbeing. Parents had a chance to 'play' at being a child in the Early Years as there were a variety of activities to try including: role play, finger painting, play dough, construction and mark making. It was an encouraging session attended by over thirty parents and it was so good to welcome new parents whose children are starting on their Wellington journeys this August.