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Coming soon: Carmina Burana in Tianjin Concert Hall

20 September 2019
Excerpts of "Carmina Burana", the 2019 Summer Concert
October 17th, the Choir of Wellington College Tianjin and the Tianjin Symphony Orchestra will perform the famous poem "Carmina Burana" together at Tianjin concert hall.

"Carmina Burana" Brief Synopsis


Carmina Burana is a scenic cantata composed in 1935 and 1936 by Carl Orff, based on 24 poems from the medieval collection Carmina Burana. The text of Carmina Burana is a selection from a large collection of secular poems of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, preserved in a manuscript at the Bavarian monastery of Benediktbeuren. The poems are mostly in Latin, the international language of the day, though some are in old French or Middle High German and come from a wide variety of sources. It is somewhat surprising to learn that, apart from some poems that are of a morally uplifting nature, most are bawdy student songs celebrating such un-monk like earthly delights such as drinking, gambling, and dancing. Orff's aim was to strip away at what he saw as the over-sophistication and excesses of much 19th century Romantic and post-Romantic music. He hoped to introduce music that revealed more of its basic, primordial elements. As a result, there's an emphasis on rhythm which rides over lyricism and harmony in fierce, hypnotic, pounding structures. Grove's Dictionary characterizes Carmina Burana as "music of powerful pagan sensuality and direct physical excitement". The strong theme of fate runs throughout the cantata. The famous Ó Fortuna' which opens and closes this vocal masterpiece not only unifies the whole work, but also acts as a pertinent reminder that our lives are ever subject to the slings and arrows of outrageous Fortune.
 Director of Music Faye Gossedge
Born In South Wales, Faye studied Piano and Clarinet at the Royal Welsh College of music and drama as a child, later she went on to study at the Birmingham Conservatoire for four years, gaining a BMus(hons) in piano performance. Faye followed her passion and was accepted at the Krakow academy of music, where she studied with one of the greatest Chopin specialists in Poland. As well as being a solo and chamber music performer, Faye has accompanied for Ballet, Opera, and numerous choirs, and previously worked at the British International School in Krakow as the principal music teacher where she taught throughout primary and secondary for three years. Since becoming the Director of Performing Arts in Wellington College Tianjin in 2016 Ms Gossedge, has successfully directed a series of recitals, lunchtime concerts, high quality Summer, Autumn and Christmas Concerts and has assembled both Junior and Senior school choirs including a whole school orchestra. Her delicate way of dealing with music and creating interesting arrangements of music, has enthralled audiences across the school community and beyond. Ms Gossedge, directed, produced and brought to the Wellington stage, the School Edition of Les Misérables and Faure's Requiem, with Les Misérables, being the first school edition ever to be staged in Mainland China.  As tradition demands, Ms Gossedge brings a large-scale musical production to our stage every year. This year, Ms Gossedge challenged the pupils to undertake Broadway's well-known musical, West Side Story which was composed by Leonard Bernstein. Our Pupils completely engaged in the process from acting to singing and their performance was highly praised.  

Date:October, 17th

Time: 19:00pm

Venue:Tianjin Concert Hall

Tickets are available now!

Please contact the College reception for more information, or scan the QR for booking tickets.