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27 December 2020

General Information


Wellington College International Tianjin’s catering is provided by Compass Group which is a world-leading food service company with over 50 years of operational experience, Compass has provided a professional catering operation in China for over 20 years.

All pupils are required to eat school lunches, except for those who have special exceptions, for example those with specific religious or medical reasons. Pupils from Eaglets to Reception have their lunch in the Nest building. Pupils from year 1 to 13 have their lunch in the Main Building dining hall.


Food Committee


We have a Food Committee that consists of parents and school representatives. The Food Committee offers all parties the chance to feedback directly to the Compass Group. Regular surveys are taken in order to help improve the catering service. Pupils also get an opportunity to provide feedback via the student council.

If you have any food related question, concern or suggestion, please raise it with the parent’ representative or email


School Food Policy


Wellington College in Tianjin is a nut free school. Food containing nuts is not permitted on campus. 


Any requests for alternative arrangements for school lunch will require official documentation and obtain the permission from head of school. All approved home packed lunches must be nut free. 


Restaurant take-away food and drink is forbidden. 


If any pupil would like to celebrate his/her birthday with their classmates by bringing in to school a cake made outside the school, he/she must obtain prior permission from his/her class teacher. Approved cakes must be nut free. No cakes may be transported to/from school on any school transport or bus.


Lunch Fee and Payment


The lunch fee needs to be topped up in a pupil's ID card in the catering office. The lunch fee will be deducted from the card according to the usage status. Please see the lunch fee details (below) for reference:


Year Group  Price per set Lunch  Annual Lunch Price
(180 days per Academic Year) 
Nest  26 RMB 4,680 RMB
Junior School (Year 1-Year 6) 28 RMB 5,040 RMB
Senior School (Year 7-Year 13) 31 RMB 5,580 RMB


Low Balance and Overdrawn Email Notice & Consumption Policy


•  Parents will be reminded via an email notice when the lunch card balance is equal to or below 200RMB, 0RMB and -200RMB from our server.
•  The catering office will contact parents via the phone once the lunch card balance is equal to or below 0RMB in order to avoid any disruption to the food service.
•  The lunch card cannot be used in the POS machine when the balance is overdrawn by 200RMB. In this event, the lunch service may temporary stopped.


Coffee Shop Payment


•  The student lunch card payment method is only available in the dining hall. The Coffee Shop accepts only the following payment methods: Cash, Alipay, WeChat pay and Bank Card.


Lunch Options


The standard daily lunch options are:


•  Western or Asian set menus: one main course dish with meat or seafood, vegetable and carbohydrate sources, one dessert/ fresh fruit, soup of the day, one drink, and access to the salad bar.
•  Customised sandwich set menu: one sandwich, one dessert/ fresh fruit, one drink and access to the salad bar.
•  Noodle Revolution: one bowl of noodles with meat or seafood, one side dish, one dessert/fresh fruit, one drink and access to the salad bar.


Menu 8th March-12th March


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