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Mendy Lu

30 August 2018
Mendy has been engaged in the teaching of young children for ten years. She was certified as a teacher and has accumulated years of experience in Chinese and English pedagogical courses. She graduated from the LiGong University of Tianjin with a bachelor's degree. Mendy is focused on encouraging children to learn actively. She values the physical development of young children and has studied different forms of physical training courses. She has received many awards and certificates during her work, including the title of 'outstanding teacher of Hongqiao District'. She has worked in Singapore on two separate study visits. She has planned many large kindergarten activities and also acts as a host for shows and performances, displaying a unique talent for directing children's productions. Mendy prides herself on her skill in communicating with children. As a teacher of young children, love and duty go together. She likes this industry not only for its passion but to feel true love.